Watchlist is the main screen in Quantfury which contains a list of assets you are monitoring for potential trading or investing opportunities. When you first register in Quantfury, the Watchlist is automatically populated for you with the most popular assets traded on Quantfury.

Add assets to watchlist

To add assets to your Watchlist, tap on the search icon in the top right corner of the Quantfury app or the Quantfury web version, search for the asset name or ticker, and press the ‘+’ icon to add the asset to the Watchlist.

Filter assets in watchlist

To filter your Watchlist by asset type, tap on the filter icon under the search icon in the Quantfury app or to the left of the search field in the Quantfury web version and choose which asset types – stocks, cryptos, futures or currencies – you want to be displayed in your Watchlist. You can sort the assets by the order you added them (by choice), by descending daily percentage change of the asset or by ascending daily percentage change of the asset.

Reorder and delete assets in the watchlist

To reorder assets in your Watchlist, hold the asset you wish to reorder and move it to the desired location.

You can delete assets from your watchlist by swiping the asset left and tapping 'Delete' in the Quantfury app or by clicking on ‘x’ next to the ticker symbol in the Quantfury web version.

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