If you are funding your Quantfury account balance to start trading, your Quantfury account balance wallet must be funded with the minimum amount or more.

If you already sent funds to your Quantfury account balance wallet, but the funds do not appear in your account, you need to check the status of your transaction. Locate the TXID in the transaction history of the wallet or exchange you sent funds from. Check the status of the transaction by inputting the TXID into a block explorer for the cryptocurrency that you sent. If the transaction is shown as Unconfirmed, that means the funds have not yet arrived in your Quantfury account balance wallet. This may be due to network congestion, or the network fee you used to send the transaction.

The general rule is the higher the network fee, the higher the likelihood of your transaction to be included in the next block. Some wallets and exchanges choose the network fee automatically. Be patient, once the transaction is sent and has a few confirmations, the funds will arrive to your Quantfury account balance wallet.

If you encounter difficulties or require assistance with the funding process, reach out to the support team in the 'Help Center' within the app. Please include the TXID of your transfer when you contact our support team.

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