When making a withdrawal, if the remaining funds on your account balance after the withdrawal are less than the required minimum funding for your level of Trading Power, your Trading Power will decrease to a lower level.


For example, if your Quantfury account balance holds $350 worth of BTC and your existing trading power level is $6,000 (minimum funding amount at this level is $300), and you withdraw $50 worth of crypto, there will be no impact on your Trading Power. If you choose to withdraw $51 in crypto equivalent, you will be shown your Trading Power decrease from $6,000 to $2,000, the next lower trading power level.

Please note that if your account balance is below $50 in crypto equivalent, you can only withdraw your entire account balance, at which point your trading will stop, since a $50 account balance and the corresponding Trading Power of $1000 is the minimum required to trade.

* The Trading Power is constant. If in the course of trading, your balance was $300 ($6,000 Trading Power) and losses from trading brought your balance below $300, your Trading Power would remain constant at $6,000.

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