In the Instrument View, there are a number of Charts and Tools available for you to analyze and use to make a trading or investment decision.


Line Chart

This is the default chart that shows the 5 min closing prices for the previous 20 hours. The horizontal line shows the closing price of the previous day. Since crypto pairs trade 24/7/365, the horizontal line refreshes every day at 12 AM UTC.

Candlestick Chart

If you tap the candlestick symbol on the right side of the chart, the chart changes to a candlestick chart. Each candlestick represents certain details about the last price of the asset during that time period (open, close, high and low prices).

Volume Indicator

Under the candlestick symbol on the right side of the chart, you'll see a symbol that represents the volume indicator. Once tapped, you'll see a shading added to the chart representing how much of that asset was traded at the exchange where it is listed, at that point in time. You can see the quantity that was traded by activating the chart highlighter.

Highlighter Tool

Under the volume symbol, you will see a highlighter tool symbol. You can tap to toggle the highlighter on or off, or you can tap and hold anywhere on the chart to activate it. Once activated, you can drag the highlighter to a specific time period to display the asset details at that point in time, including volume if the volume indicator has been turned on. Additional details shown are dependent on the chart view that is active:

  • Line Chart:

    • Closing price for that time period

    • Price change since the previous close in the underlying currency

    • % change since the previous close

  • Candlestick Chart:

    • Open price

    • Close price

    • Highest price

    • Lowest price

Time Intervals

For every chart type, you have the option to select the time interval of that chart. You can select between 5 min (default), 15 min, 1 hour, 4 hour, or 1 day time interval along the bottom of the chart. The corresponding time period the chart covers as you change the time interval will be displayed on the chart, just above the time interval options.

Order Book (Cryptocurrency Pairs only)

For cryptocurrency pairs, just below the charts is the Order Book tab. Tap to reveal the chart of the real-time Binance or Coinbase exchange order book, where the bid and ask prices are delivered from in real-time.

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