When you click on an asset you want to trade, an Instrument View for that asset will open. Instrument View contains all the necessary information for that asset, such as:

  1. Which exchange the asset is traded on;

  2. Last price;

  3. Change in dollar value, and percentage change;

  4. After-hours (when the market is closed);

  5. Chart (line chart, candlestick chart, volume);

  6. Trades by Quantfurians in real time;

  7. Order book (for crypto pairs);

  8. Trading power available to trade;

  9. Timer when the market will open/close;

  10. News;

  11. Summary (Open, Day High, Day Low, Market Cap, 52 Week Low and High, Today's Volume and 10 Day Average Volume);

  12. Short description about the asset.

You'll notice that sometimes your asset in Instrument View is highlighted in orange, azure, or grey color. The orange color means the asset is down in value for the day. The azure color means the asset is up in value for the day. The grey color means that the market for that asset is closed.

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