In the Overview section of the Quantfury app, you have access to a real-time overview of important account metrics such as deposits, withdrawals, total account return in dollar and percentage value, open positions profit & loss and closed positions profit & loss.

Open the Quantfury app side menu, and tap on 'Account'. The Overview section shows the total value for your deposits, withdrawals, and your account balance. You will also see the total profit & loss of your account in cryptocurrency of your account as well as in percentage value.

Total Profit & Loss Value shows the total realized profit & loss for all positions and unrealized profit & loss for all open positions in cryptocurrency of your account balance and dollar equivalent for your reference. You can also see the profit & loss breakdown for open and closed positions.

By default, the metrics are shown for the current trading session. Use the filter icon in the top right corner of the Overview section to select and display your account metrics for all trading sessions or the current session.

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