Once you selected the trading power, and the cryptocurrency you will be funding your account balance with, the Quantfury app will display the minimum amount required to be funded to access the trading power you selected.

Press on 'Next', and the Quantfury app will generate your account balance wallet address. Send the minimum amount required to the wallet address displayed, and once the funds arrive, you will start trading traditional and cryptocurrency markets with unmatched conditions.

* Make sure you fund your Quantfury account balance wallet with the same cryptocurrency the wallet is intended to receive. Cryptocurrencies of one type (BTC for example) sent to the wallet of another type (ETH for example) are not recoverable and can therefore be lost forever.

** Keep in mind any withdrawal fees charged by your wallet provider or exchange when funding your Quantfury account balance. You can fund your Quantfury account balance with more than the minimum funding amount required, but not less. If you fund your account balance wallet with less than the minimum amount, your funds will be safe, but your account will remain inactive until the remaining funds are received.

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