To fund your spot wallet, you will need to complete identity verification. It should only take 2 minutes to complete and is required only once. To complete identity verification:

1. Once prompted to complete identity verification, press “Next” to begin;

2. Choose the type of document you will upload. Generally, a passport, ID card, driver's licence, or residence permit are the 4 accepted types of documents, but they may differ for your particular country;

3. Take a photo of the front page or side of a valid ID document. Please ensure that the document fits in the photo frame and is easy to read;

4. Take a photo of the back side of your ID document (if applicable for your chosen document);

5. Take a photo of your proof of address document. If the document is double-sided, you will be prompted to upload additional pages of the document. Please ensure that the document contains your full name and address and is no older than 12 months. Accepted types of documents include: bank statements, utility bills, internet/cable TV/house phone line bills, tax returns, and government-issued certifications of residence. Please note that screenshots, mobile phone bills, medical bills, receipts, or insurance statements are not accepted as proof of address document;

6. Follow the instructions on your screen to take a selfie in real-time;

7. After completing the steps above, your documents will be instantly verified, and you can proceed to fund your spot wallet.

If you experience any issues, please contact our 24/7 support team in the Help Center within the side menu of the Quantfury app, or in the main menu of the Quantfury web version. Alternatively, you can also email

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